About Us

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Recognised by thirty years of awards and accolades, Cyrus consistently pushes the boundaries of audio technology. A passion for music motivates us to continually work towards the ultimate hi-fi system – which reproduces the sound and feeling of a live performance without any interference or loss of detail.

There is something special about music – our favourite musicians can make us laugh with glee, cry with emotion, jump up and dance or sit back and feel our bodies relax. To experience the full effect your music was intended to have, you need a hi-fi which has been carefully tuned and engineered to translate masses of data into the complex and emotive sounds the musicians made in the first place.

Fantastic Resolution

When you play high resolution versions of your favourite music through Cyrus hi-fi equipment, the first thing you will notice is the vast increase in detail you can hear. Suddenly previously unheard taps of the drum, soft intakes of breath and delicate strums on guitar strings emerge.

As we develop new products, we spend weeks tuning them to make sure that they pick up all of the minute details in your music so that you can hear them.

Sound Stage

When you’re sitting back enjoying your music, we want you to be able to close your eyes and imagine that the band is playing in front of you. If we’ve done our jobs (and so have the producers of your music), you should be able to hear the singer in front of you, with perhaps the lead guitarist to the left and the bass to the right and the drummer and percussion behind the singer.

Called a soundstage, filling your room with music like this will make you fall in love with your collection all over again. This is the ultimate requirement we have of all of our hi-fi products.

Expert Engineering

To make sure our products meet our high audio standards, our research and development process involves extensive listening tests during which a team of our experts measure products’ performance against a comprehensive list of criteria.

Each and every component we use is put through in-circuit listening tests, and of course final products are refined and adapted until they give the best possible performance during a series of demanding tests.