Setup Instructions

setup info

  1. Status indicator light ring.
  2. Hands-free button. Press to answer/hang-up a hands-free call.
  3. Volume down/up buttons. Press to change the volume.
  4. Play/pause button. Press repeatedly to switch between pause and play. Press and hold to start Bluetooth pairing.
  5. Microphone. Talk into the microphone when making a hands-free call.
  6. Micro-USB charge socket. Connect the charging cable here.
  7. Charging indicator.
  8. Aux in socket. Connects to the headphone or line out socket of a non-Bluetooth audio player or computer.
  9. On/Off switch.

Charging the soundcan

  1. Connect the USB cable (supplied) to the charge socket.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to a computer USB port or a 5V USB power supply (not supplied).
  3. The charging indicator will light when charging and switch off when fully charged.

NOTE: The soundcan should be fully charged for four hours before first use.

First use

  1. Switch on the power switch.
  2. soundcan will automatically start the pairing process
  3. The indicator light will flash quickly.
  4. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device/computer and search for devices.
  5. The soundcan will be listed as ‘Cyrus soundcan’.
  6. Choose to pair with the soundcan.
  7. On some Bluetooth devices you may be asked for a passcode. If so, enter ‘0000’.

If pairing is successful, the indicator will light continuously.

In regular use

  1. Switch on the power switch.

The indicator light will flash slowly while searching for Bluetooth devices that have previously been paired. Once a paired device has been found, the indicator will light continuously.

Your soundcan is now ready to use.

Playing music

  1. Use the controls on your source to select and play the music you want.
  2. Set the volume with the controls on your source and on the soundcan. soundcan sounds at its best when placed in the centre of a wooden table, such as a coffee table.

Phone calls

  1. If your phone rings, the music will mute. To answer the call, press the hands-free button.
  2. Speak clearly and close to the soundcan to ensure that the caller can hear you.
  3. Press the hands-free button to disconnect the call when you are finished.


Volume level too low?
- Check that the volume level on both the soundcan and your source are turned up sufficiently.

Bluetooth connection lost?
- Press and hold the button to start the pairing process.

No sound when connected to a computer?
- You may need to select the soundcan in the audio set up of your computer.

• No Power?
Charge the soundcan - see “Charging the soundcan”.

• No sound during or after pairing?
Turn up the volume on the soundcan using the volume up button.